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For example , a lot of people who misunderstand some spiritual teachings (or get conditioned by misguided teachings) start trying to suppress certain dimensions in the mind, usually the dimensions of hatred, fear and sexuality, which causes them to wage a constant battle with their mind, sometimes for a lifetime.

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An individual might not be readily categorized into either of the two types specifically. You might even be a hybrid, which means having a mixture of both these traits. Both of these have their own share of pros and cons. It’s best to have a healthy mixture of both of these personality types to lead a productive life, with right amount of relaxation and right amount of get-up-and-go attitude. Also, it’s not a sure shot rule to determine a person’s vulnerability to cardiac risks.

Psyche - Prisoner To Desire / Black PantherPsyche - Prisoner To Desire / Black PantherPsyche - Prisoner To Desire / Black PantherPsyche - Prisoner To Desire / Black Panther